Wonderful Writing Program in Charlton!

Last week I was lucky to witness an unusual and terrific writing program. At the Heritage School (grades 2-4) in Charlton, MA, children and their parents wrote picture books in pairs in a series of workshops, with attention to the six traits of writing.

At the final session the participants displayed their books, which were varied and wonderfully written and illustrated. Some pairs collaborated on their books; others created separate books on the same topic, e.g., a family vacation, a wedding. I felt lucky to see the final products but also to notice how meaningful the shared experience was to both parents and students.

Author and Authors!

Author and Authors!

Earlier that day I had given presentations to each grade on Using Your Senses to Make Your Writing Come Alive, and I was struck by how engaged the students were and what a great job their teachers are clearly doing on writing. In the evening I gave another talk to the pared writing participants. My favorite question, from a young student: “How do I get an agent?”

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