Wonderful Day at Minuteman High School

Recently, I had an author’s dream of a day. I visited the acclaimed Minuteman High School in Lexington, where Early Education and Design & Visual sophomores are working together to write and illustrate children’s books.

First I talked to the students about my own writing process and career.

Talking about the importance of revision





I don’t know what point I was making about my newest book, but I’m sure it was important.
















Then I got to work with each team of students, see their text and art and give feedback.

Hearing about students’ vision for their book


Each team had created impressive work, all very different from each other’s. It was a joy to work with such creative, receptive, interested and interesting students.





Students sharing their book illustrations 


After our meetings we were all treated to a delicious buffet lunch prepared and served by students in Minuteman’s Culinary program! I had a lovely conversation with the enthusiastic and kind teachers, librarian and administrators.

The highlight of the meal was the adorable cake decorated by one of the students. The decoration reproduced the cover of my picture book WHAT’S UP WITH THIS CHICKEN?  and was three-dimensional. The cake tasted as good as it looked!
What a wonderful day!

Cake decorated with the cover of one of my books!!

The talented cake decorator next to her creation

To cap off the day, I captured this ego-boosting photo on a major road near the school entrance.


4 Responses to “Wonderful Day at Minuteman High School”

    • AdminJaneSutton

      Thank you so much, Dr. Bouquillon. I was so impressed with the school and had a wonderful time.

  1. Allison Barry

    Thank you for coming! The students truly enjoyed all of your gracious help. We will be sure to have you back when the books are completed!

    • AdminJaneSutton

      Yay! Thank you, Allison. I look forward to returning and seeing the books!


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