What do Cauliflower and Poetry Have in Common?

Answer: They’re both in the picture books my granddaughter requested I read to her preK class last week.

The class was so attentive and responsive. We all had a ball!

Jane reading THE TROUBLE WITH CAULIFLOWER and smiling

Mortimer the koala bear thinks cauliflower brings bad luck!



                                                               Sidney in DON’T CALL ME SIDNEY likes to rhyme. “Can you help me tell a                                                        story? It was hot. So a man named Dan used a ….yes, a fan!”

Back of students' heads. Watching Jane wearing pig hat and holding wooden spoon.
“This spoon liked to look up at the…yes, moon!”

Jane and granddaughter leaning together and sitting, smiling and holding 2 books Jane read

Of course, the most fun of all was sitting in the classroom reading
nook with my granddaughter!



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