Weirdos are Back!

Reading the script for the musical Me and the Krinkles and thinking back to all the letters I’d received over the years—from children and adults—about how much they loved Me and the Weirdos and wished it were still available, I started thinking . . . I should get it back in print.

In Utah I mentioned this idea to the young playwrights Ashley Berrett and Eva Perkins, and  their eyes lit up!

My star children’s book writing student Josh Funk suggested I not wait around for a traditional publisher and go through KDP.Amazon’s  print-on-demand program. I took his advice and got started! The new edition needed updated artwork, so I hired another of my talented students, Doreen Buchinski, to design the book and create a new cover and illustrations.

I’ll be writing more posts about the journey to republication, but for now I’ll just say that Doreen did a fantastic job and share the exciting news that the Weirdos are back! Yes! The new edition of Me and the Weirdos is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle, and can be ordered through any independent bookstore or Barnes and Noble.

Charming, eye-popping cover, created by Doreen Buchinski

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