We Interrupt the End of 2016 Authory Report…

…to focus on the breaking news that our wonderful daughter, Becky, married wonderful Dan this past weekend! The ceremony – held in a very cool, gorgeous old mansion – was moving and entertaining, and the festive party afterwards had the crowd dancing for hours! Amazingly, though we’d been concerned about snowstorms and cold spells at the end of February in New England, the temperature was in the 60s!

Becky and her dad walk down the aisle. Cue oohs and aahs!

My girl and me right after the ceremony

Top: my party animal grandson, Caleb, with his Aunt Becky & Uncle Dan at the night-before-the-wedding karaoke party; bottom: Caleb in his wedding finery with his parents (my daughter-in-law, Amberly, and son, Charlie) and with me and my husband

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