Two Wonderful New Books (by Authors Who Are Not Me)

I just have to give shout-outs to two fabulous new picture books!

The Leaf Detective: How Margaret Lowman Uncovered Secrets in the Rainforest is a picture book biography about an innovative, never-give-up scientist who studies and makes fascinating discoveries high up in the rain forest canopy. Her challenges, creative solutions, and passion to save the rain forest will engage readers of all ages. The text by author Heather Lang manages to be factual and lyrical at the same time. And the illustrations, by Jana Christy, are breathtaking.

The Animals Would Not Sleep! is a picture book about a little boy facing bedtime with a bunch of unruly animals. Author Sara Levine cleverly models sorting techniques (an important mathematical concept) for young readers, while at the same time offering a sweet, entertaining story. The illustrations, by Marta Alvarez Miguen, are charming. This book is already a hit with my grandchildren!

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