Triumphant Moment!

It happened this summer at a Lowell Spinners Minor League Baseball Game. My husband, Al, and I were already having a great time. We were with good friends, it was a beautiful warm summer evening, plus it was Dog Night, which meant between-innings performances by a Frisbee-catching dog, a Dog and Owner Closest Resemblance Contest, and more! Despite all the excitement, by the seventh inning our group decided we would tear ourselves away. But then the announcer said that rubber chickens would be tossed into the crowd.

Al’s eyes lit up. He said we couldn’t leave quite yet. The golf cart circled the field towards our section. The rubber chicken was launched, Al raised his arms, and…yes! He caught it! The look of delight in his eyes was charming to behold. He said, “I always wanted to come to a ball game and catch a fowl.”

The Triumph! The Delight!

The Triumph! The Delight!

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