Things Kids Say

wp51e6634b_06Last Sunday morning, allegedly spring, was raw and rainy. I wondered if people would rather stay home than venture out to the Open House at the North Suburban Jewish Community Center in Peabody, where I was doing a program. But venture out they did: lots of friendly families with adorable pre-schoolers, who created a warm contrast to the chilliness outdoors.

To go along with my picture book Don’t Call Me Sidney, about a poetry-writing pig who wants to change his name to one that’s more rhymable, I lead rhyming activities. I point out that some words are really hard to rhyme: rhinoceros, yogurt, and deodorant (always a crowd pleaser), for instance. My favorite response of the day was to my question: “Can you think of a rhyme for ‘elephant’?” One shiny-eyed little boy raised his hand and offered, “Smellaphant!”

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