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I feel honored to be the first author interviewed for the blog “Literature Connects,” whose goal is to help “educators make connections to excellent children’s literature in order to develop children’s systems thinking capacity.” Systems Thinking is a fascinating way of looking at the world, with important applications in education, economics, environmental studies and more, and I am tickled to be associated with it.

In previous posts, blogger Sheri Marlin reviewed my picture books Don’t Call Me Sidney and The Trouble With Cauliflower, and her analysis taught me how these books relate to the principles and archetypes of Systems Thinking.

Blogger Sheri Marlin

Blogger Sheri Marlin

In the featured authors interview, Sheri asked me interesting questions, like “What is the most timeless element in your books?” and “What do you want kids to walk away with after reading your books?” The questions made me think!

Here’s a link to the interview:

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