Story Time at Great New Indie Book Store

Recently I got to read Paulie’s Passover Predicament at a wonderful new independent bookstore in Belmont, MA: Belmont Books.

The story time was triple the fun because I was joined by children’s book authors Carol Gordon Ekster and Ellen Mayer, my frequent story time partner.

Carol Gordon Ekster, who read her book You Know What?, moi, and Ellen Mayer, who read her book Rosa’s Very Big Job













The store is a terrific new addition to the western Boston suburbs, attractive and well-stocked, with a great café. The upstairs children’s books department felt warm and intimate, perfect for sharing our books!

I just had to show the photo of myself reading to my grandson, Caleb, to whom Paulie’s Passover Predicament is dedicated!

Carol Gordon Ekster expertly held up the pictures while I read aloud.

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