Special Hanukkah Treat

Maybe you thought I’d say the special treat was latkes. That’s what I would have guessed.

I did indeed enjoy the delicious latkes my husband made. But that’s a treat we have with family every year.

This year I got to read my picture book ESTHER’S HANUKKAH DISASTER to my granddaughter’s preK class. And it was such a treat! The children were adorable, attentive listeners and participated with enthusiasm in my request to help the shopping-challenged Esther the Gorilla choose more appropriate presents for her friends next year.

My granddaughter and I were both excited to have me read to her class!

Esther’s Hanukkah gifts for her friends were turning out to be a disaster!


                    How about a pair of gloves for this fish?

What would this duck like for a                        Hanukkah gift?


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