Someone Should Write a Book About This!

I was lucky enough to spend the morning at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, MA last Sunday. It’s a picturesque and historic site with an old farm house and animals to visit, including 700-pound Big Dave the pig and charming Roger the donkey. Truly worthy of a children’s book!


Big Dave earns his name

Big Dave has earned his name.


Roger is a charmer.

Roger is a charmer.








Not only that, but on the field,  my son Charlie’s team was playing a double header in an old-fashioned baseball league. They wear authentic uniforms and follow old-fashioned baseball rules, like no gloves! I got to hold adorable human babies, visit farm animals, sit with my daughter-in-law and wish Charlie a Happy Birthday! A perfect day.

Newburyport Clamdiggers (Charlie is front row, second from left.)

The Newburyport Clamdiggers (Charlie is front row, second from left.)

Now for the sepia.

And now for the sepia.

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