Some Fun Questions

The favorite part of my author visits, whether in-person or virtual, is Question Time. The ager hands waving to be called on, the earnest queries. The virtual visits I’ve switched to due to the pandemic actually make it easier to hear questions and to see  the questioner’s face close-up.

Showing an illustration in an anthology to point out differences in illustrations of my characters in ME AND THE WEIRDOS (4 different artists for 4 different editions)














Often a “question” is preceded by the student saying, “I have a comment.” This always pleases me because I can tell the teacher has worked hard to distinguish question from comment, a distinction adults standing the microphone at my local Town Meeting sometimes fail to make.

Here are two of my favorite recent “questions.”

Second Grader: “I’m definitely going to look for more of your books.”

Third Grader: “I want to be an author. After I retire. First I’m going to be a doctor. Because I want to help people and I want the money.”


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