Resuming…End of 2016 Authory-ness # 5

OK, now that the honeymoon is over for the newlyweds (no, I didn’t mean it like that…my daughter and her new husband are back from their wonderful trip to Hawaii), it’s high time for me to get back to my report on the (snow) flurry of end-of-the-year authory activities.

The panel discussion “Pen to Paper: An Exploration of Writing,” part of the Munroe Center for the Arts Saturday Nights series, turned out to be entertaining and interesting. We had authors in different genres talking about their creative processes and sharing excerpts of their varied work. Other panelists were memoirist Cynthia Anderson, (One Foot in Front of the Other: A Widow’s Journey), Don Cohen (numerous short stories and plays), scientist and educator Abby Hafer (Intelligent Design, The Not-So-Intelligent Designer: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not), and novelist Erin McCormack (Black Eyes in Blue Wonderland).

Moderator Merrill Meadow did a terrific job asking thought-provoking questions and had clearly done his homework reading our books!













As for my me, the lone children’s book author, I had fun reading my picture book Don’t Call Me Sidney to adults. They responded enthusiastically to the humor in the story, and I didn’t have to worry about potential discipline problems!
Kudos to the organizers and participants and the audience members, who asked interesting questions and braved a bitterly cold, snowy evening!

Thanks to panelist Abby Hafer for turning the pages for me!

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