Paulie’s Debut

Paulie’s Passover Predicament‘s pre-Passover 2018 roll-out is done. Paulie and I had a lot of events packed into just a few weeks, but all were fun, and all were different, depending on the age of the audience, the venue, etc.

Temple Isaiah in Lexington

The first, at Temple Isaiah in Lexington, MA, was a story time combined with a Havdalah service, which separates the Sabbath from the rest of the week. Matthew Emmer, Engagement Specialist at the temple, did a lovely job leading the service and explaining its significance in child-friendly terms. He also sang and played guitar.


Matt Emmer’s guitar playing and singing of Dayenu inspired the audience to sing along.

Matt’s musical skills especially complemented the end of the book, when my animal characters sing Dayenu, which Matt led the audience in doing!

When young volunteers re-enacted the story using stuffed animals and props, it was gratifying to see that the oldest actress (7 years old) had listened extremely carefully to the plot and knew the significance of each item on the seder plate!


But my favorite line had to be from the 3 year old, who piped up as I asked about the seder plate egg, “And I eat scrambled eggs!”

My good friend Regina Worsnop kindly held up the pictures so I could concentrate on reading. What’s under the sheet? Storytelling props to be unveiled after the reading!



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