More Utah: Onto the Better than Golden Arches

En route from Salt Lake City to Blanding, we spent the night in Moab at a quaint motel, Kokopelli Lodge It was spotless, a short block from restaurants and shops, and evoked happy memories of motels we stayed in when we were kids.

Our main reason for stopping in Moab was to return to one of our absolute favorite national parks, Arches. Al and I and our children had all fallen in love with Arches back in 1994, and now we were so excited to go back. When we planned this January adventure, we wondered if snow would prevent us from hiking, but there was barely any (far less than back home in Boston), and the temperature was surprisingly mild!
As soon as we arrived in Moab, we drove directly to the park, and as we approached it, we gasped at the gorgeous deep red rock formations, as stunning as we remembered. We went back the next morning (and gasped again) to hike in different sections of the park, and a third time on our drive back from Blanding, to hike on still another trail.

With all that gasping, it’s amazing we could breathe at all!

A Window in Arches National Park

Our favorite formation, The Three Gossips

You see this iconic arch on the license plate, and there it was!

Snow on distant mountains added drama to the views.

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