My Favorite New Reader

When a grandma gets to read to her own grandson, it’s pretty special! Lately, Caleb (my 10 month old adorable, sweet grandson) has begun to interact with books and not just eat them! Some photograph proof below:

7 months old (not mentioning my own age)…hmm…this book looks interesting!


10 months…I can turn the pages and pat that bunny!

Reading is fun!


2 Responses to “My Favorite New Reader”

  1. Judy Kessler

    Still waiting for that magical moment. Our grandson turns 1 year old next week. Likes turning pages in board books, but doesn’t usually have the patience to sit in your lap while you read. But I’m sure he’ll get there–too many readers and writers and librarians in his family not to!

    • AdminJaneSutton

      Nice to hear from you, Judy! Seems as if our kids weren’t much older than our grandsons when we first met. As for Caleb’s reading experience, it’s more active (patting the bunny, turning pages) rather than listening to a story. But enthusiasm is growing and time in the lap interacting with the book is getting longer!


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