Lessons in What’s Up With this Chicken?

Jane Al photomt auburn

My husband is my number one Systems Thinking Educator. Here we are at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Before our friend asked us to pose for a photo, we hadn’t realized we were wearing the same colors. Yes, we look like dorks. But we were happy dorks.

I’m so pleased to see What’s Up with this Chicken? featured in Literature Connects, a blog that helps “educators make connections to excellent children’s literature in order to develop children’s systems thinking capacity.” Not only did the book get a rave review, but blogger Sheri Marlin explains that it’s very useful in teaching principles of Systems Thinking in classrooms.

Read the blog post about Systems lessons in What’s Up With this Chicken?

I had my own messages in mind as I wrote the story, but now I see that stubborn Trudy the chicken and the determined protagonist Sylvia can teach readers even more than I expected!


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