Icing on the Cake!

Last week I had the honor of being invited back to do an author visit at Minuteman High School, the regional technical-vocational school located in my hometown of Lexington, Massachusetts. Since the visit involved presenting to students in the design & visual communications and early childhood education classes and giving feedback on picture books they were creating, I was joined by the designer and illustrator of Me and the Weirdos, Doreen Buchinski. Her art tips and insight turned out to be a wonderful complement to the my writing guidance and suggestions.

It was a joy spend the day at this school, with talented, receptive students and welcoming, dedicated staff members.

Nice to be welcomed with a big sign!

Talking to students about my writing process

Now Doreen explains her design and illustration process.

After a delicious lunch prepared by culinary class students, we opened our surprise gifts: cutting boards carved with the school logo, made by Minuteman students!

The icing on this cake!!!! It depicts the cover of my picture book The Trouble With Cauliflower. We were amazed and delighted by its 3-D quality. And by the way, it was delicious.

Doreen and I met Kimmee, the talented culinary student who created the spectacular cake.

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