I Fell for Fall Into Reading

I really enjoyed being part of the Fall Into Reading Picture Book Festival at the Salem, NH Barnes and Noble. The staff was welcoming,  accommodating and enthusiastic! The children’s department was attractive and well-stocked. I got to read What’s Up with This Chicken? to an audience of cuties. And I got to hang out with other children’s book authors/friends.

Here we are: Alison Goldberg. moi, Ellen Mayer, Kirsti Erekson Call, Carol Gordon Ekster, and Sara Levine.


Sara reading Carol’s You Know What? and Carol reading Sara’s Fossil by Fossil, with Sara’s bone display, complementing her comparative anatomy books.

Alison reading Ellen’s Cake Day and Ellen reading Alison’s     I Love you for Miles and Miles

I’m reading Kirsti’s The Raindrop Who Couldn’t Fall, and she’s reading my Paulie’s Passover Predicament. What fun to get to know each other’s books and each other better!

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