How You Gonna Keep Me…

The old song asks, “How you gonna keep me back on the farm…” But in my case, it’s “How you gonna keep me away from the farm?”
This Saturday I’ll be back (for the third time!) at Lexington Community Farm for a special story time.




Saturday May 20, 2017
10:00-11:00 AM
I’ll read two farm-themed picture books:
What’s Up With this Chicken? – based on a true story about a hen who refuses to get off her eggs – and Don’t Call Me Sidney, about a pig who wants to be a poet.

At this event for all ages ($5 per child), I’ll run interactive activities based on the stories and answer questions about being an author. Attendees can purchase signed books. Plants and seedlings for sale too, and you can visit the real life farm animals, including alpacas!
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Fabulous breaking news: Lexington Community Farm has just become Certified Organic!!

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