Happy Grandparent’s Day!

Two author friends and I have picture books featuring warm grandparent-grandchild relationships, and yesterday we shared them in celebration of Grandparent’s Day at the terrific Barnes and Noble in Framingham, MA.
Ellen Mayer, Toni Buzzeo and I lots of fun interacting with our young audience and their grown-ups and seeing the varied creations children came up with at the crafts tables.

Ellen Mayer with CAKE DAY, Toni Buzzeo with MY BIBI ALWAYS REMEMBERS, and me with WHAT’S UP WITH THIS CHICKEN?


Toni Buzzeo reads MY BIBI ALWAYS REMEMBERS with expression and enthusiasm!

Ellen Mayer, wearing an apron like the grandma in CAKE DAY, makes sure her audiences sees all the details.

As I happily read WHAT’S UP WITH THIS CHICKEN? my hero of a husband, Al, turns the pages and holds up the pictures (easier for my sore neck!)

I must be reading the part of the book when Trudy the Chicken squawks, screeches, pecks, and flaps. No wonder Al is hiding his face!

After we read, kids headed to the crafts tables. Thank you, Barnes and Noble, Framingham!

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