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I was so pleased with this entertaining blog post by Kara Baskin in JewishBoston that I will reproduce it below!

Paulie Has a Passover Predicament

And, thanks to this book, you have a last-minute host gift!

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(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)

Looking for a host or hostess gift this weekend? Attending a seder with children?

Lexington resident and kids’ book author Jane Sutton has grown children now, but she’s still in touch with her silly side, writing titles like “Esther’s Hanukkah Disaster” (about a gorilla who gives her friends misguided holiday gifts) and “The Trouble with Cauliflower” (about a koala bear named Mortimer who thinks cauliflower gives him bad luck…although, can you blame him?).

“All of my books have an underlying theme of empathy,” Sutton says.

In this foray, Paulie, an excitable moose, is having trouble preparing for Passover (us too, Paulie). This is his first seder, and he wants everything to be perfect. Spoiler alert: Nothing goes as planned. For instance, he thinks horseradish is a radish, shaped like a horse.

“That’s my favorite,” Sutton says. Plus, she says, “I just thought it would be fun for a moose to celebrate Passover.”

Paulie’s friends are animals, and they ask him about each item on the seder plate. Eventually, everything gets sorted out, and the underlying meaning of the holiday, full of friendship and persistence, shines through.

“The warmth and meaning of Passover saves the day,” Sutton says.

Sutton considers herself a kid at heart (“I used to cry on my birthday, because I didn’t want to get older,” she admits). And if you’re beginning to age just planning for this weekend, well, try to temper things a bit with her book. It’s available at local shops like Brookline Booksmith and Belmont Books; pick up a copy while running your last-minute errands.

Just make sure to buy proper horseradish.

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