First Day in Blanding, Utah

Al and I were so excited to see this sign and realize we had reached our destination, where we would meet the creators of the musical Me and the Krinkles and see it performed!

Our first stop was the Visitor’s Center, which had interesting exhibits and photos about the history of the town, including the courageous Mormon settlers who arrived via the Holei-in-the-Rock Expedition. We also learned that the town is near two Native American reservations, adding to the diverse culture of the area.
When the friendly staff member behind the desk asked where Al and I were from, and we said Massachusetts, she exclaimed, “Are you the author?!” and added, “I’ve heard so much about you.” I won’t lie: I felt like a celeb.

When we checked into our motel, Stone Lizard Lodging, I was also greeted enthusiastically as “the author.”

After our warm welcome, we entered our perfectly lovely room and found a gift basket filled with varied, thoughtful souvenirs and a thank you note from the Perkins and Berretts, the playwrights’ families. I was really touched.






Later we were enjoying a tasty dinner at Pop’s Burritos when we noticed this poster on the wall! By then my head was so big that I could barely get out the door!                                                            The next day held even more surprises …

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