Doubling An Author’s Joy

Letters from readers are always a joy, but when they’re accompanied by artwork depicting scenes of one of my books, the joy is doubled. I suppose one could say they reflect compound interest! But I’m digressing, as I play with budgetary puns…

Recently, a teacher sent me a packet of illustrated letters from her students, who had enjoyed listening to my middle grade novel Me and the Weirdos. She reads the book to her class every couple of years!

In their letters the children asked if I would please write a sequel and told me what parts were their favorites. Here are two of my favorites of their pictures. Captions (by me) explain what’s happening in these scenes.

During her last-ditch effort to unweird her family, Cindy Krinkle encounters a skunk and tries to appear friendly to avoid getting sprayed. The skunk turns to follow a popcorn trail dropped by Cindy’s came-to-the-rescue father.

In the book’s epilogue, after Cindy realizes her family is weird but also wonderful, she goes trick-or-treating as a skyscraper—here between her friend Patti, a surprise package, and her father, a grunting ape.

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