Dedication # 4

When it came to my humorous but heartfelt middle grade novel Not Even Mrs. Mazursky, based on my real life worship of my fifth grade teacher, subsequent disillusion, and eventual realization that no one is perfect, hence the title, (wow! this is a long sentence!), I decided to dedicate it to my sister:

Because, as the dedication says, my big sister is an extraordinarily generous and warm person.

She gives herself wholly to people she meets professionally, to her friends, and her family.

Part of her generosity is expressed through the meals she makes for countless people — always yummy and bountiful.
“How did you make all that?” I might ask. “It’s delish!”

“Oh, it was easy,” she’ll say. Maybe for you, I’d think, accepting a second helping. As the dedication references, she has an amazing amount of energy. No one can keep up with Judy. I don’t think anyone has tried!

My energetic, generous big sister, Judy Storeygard

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