Center Elementary, Center of Literacy

I was delighted to be invited back to Center Elementary School in Peabody, Massachusetts twice this year. In the first presentation I spoke to younger grade students about how my ideas turn into a book, first reading them my tale about a hen who refuses to get off her eggs, What’s Up with This Chicken? Although the students were little, their attention span was long.

K-2 students asked wonderful questions!














My second visit was a session for older students on revision. It included writing prompts to practice showing the 2 things I look for when I revise: character and evocative description. I was delighted to see students hard at work on their writing and then to have so many volunteer to share what they wrote!

“The blank page is the biggest enemy of the writer, but if you know you can go back and revise, it’s not so scary!”














On all my visits to the school I was given a warm welcome by Principal Jacqueline Orphanos. It was exciting to see such excellent literacy work going on at Center Elementary School!

Students eager to share the stellar results of their writing prompts

This fourth grade class asked me to visit their classroom afterwards to hear some of their essays. I’m glad I said yes because they were awesome!

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