Celebration of Lexington Authors

Last week my local library, Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, hosted a lovely Celebration of Lexington Authors, a group of over 660 of us! My husband, Alan Ticotsky–who writes science books for teachers–and I were among the invited guests.

A new authors’ panel was unveiled in the beautiful reading room, and there were refreshments, an opportunity to schmooze, music by the terrific Lexington musician Jon Dreyer (who’s my friend), and speeches. I was honored to be one of the authors chosen to speak on the topic “Why I Write.” We were told to limit our remarks to three minutes! This was a challenge for me. I’m not exactly a woman of few words (ask my kids, and they’ll roll their eyes.) But I honed my speech, practiced, and pared, as I thought a lot about my dad, a legendary advertising creative director who taught me less is more. The audience’s laughter as I spoke and afterwards the many people who found me to say how much they liked my speech was very gratifying. And I clocked in at 3 minutes! (Sorry, kids, I don’t plan to make brevity a habit.)

Library Director Koren Stembridge gave an informative, moving introduction. Behind her is the updated panel of 660 plus Lexington authors.

Sharing with the over 100 attendees “Why I Write”

The gorgeous new podium was created by the amazing woodworker (and my friend) Steve McKenna.

Lexington authors in attendance (power couple Al and I are front right.)

Doreen Buchinski, the wonderful designer and Illustrator of the new edition of Me and the Weirdos and I show off our hot-off-the-press book

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