Poster Post

I’ve always gotten a kick out of the variety of creative—often euphemistic—names and rainbow of colors of port-a-potties. So I snapped dozens of photos of them (they actually liked the attention) for several years and now… …it’s a poster!

What do Cauliflower and Poetry Have in Common?

Answer: They’re both in the picture books my granddaughter requested I read to her preK class last week. The class was so attentive and responsive. We all had a ball!                                                  … Read more »

Me and My Monkey

This winter in a national park on the Caribbean island of Grenada, something really, really exciting happened. I got to hold a Mona Monkey! At my request, an employee called up into the trees: “Hoo Hoo! Come on, Lovey! Hoo Hoo! Come on, Lovey!“ He instructed me to stand with my back to the trees… Read more »

Special Hanukkah Treat

Maybe you thought I’d say the special treat was latkes. That’s what I would have guessed. I did indeed enjoy the delicious latkes my husband made. But that’s a treat we have with family every year. This year I got to read my picture book ESTHER’S HANUKKAH DISASTER to my granddaughter’s preK class. And it… Read more »

Meet Balled-Headed Man

Yes, I’m a little late. OK, more than a little. My annual balled-headed Trick-or-Treaters greeter has been in front of our house since Halloween. And now it’s almost Hanukkah. But he’s still out there: a studious figure I imagine taking a much needed break from office work in our front yard. Why us he still… Read more »

I Love Summer!

Yes, I do, which is why I haven’t posted for the last 6 weeks. I know…I could have/should have posted on one of the many, many rainy days of this summer. But I hereby confess that the expression “lazy days of summer” applies to me. Now that it’s well past Labor Day, I thought I’d… Read more »

Gracie the Feminist

Recently, Lilith Magazine included Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile in a column about Feminist Books for Young Readers! I hadn’t thought of Gracie or Bubbe as feminists, but the list made me appreciate my own book’s feminist themes and strong female characters. Bubbe is an active older woman, who does yoga, plays guitar, and jogs so… Read more »

Gracie Takes on Grief

I was pleased to find out that Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile is recommended on Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk, a mom-and-son book review team. Gracie and Remembering Mom’s Kubbat Halab by Medeia Sharif are cited as “two books about grief I think would be really good to help younger kids.” Link to Instagram… Read more »

Gracie in the Roundup

I was so pleased to see Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile in a front page article in the Jewish Journal! My book is featured in a roundup of children’s books and includes a mini interview with yours truly.   Writer Penny Schwartz sums up the plot: “It’s a sweet story about the warm and loving… Read more »