Busy Day in Blanding: Part Two

After the museum, we headed for San Juan High School, where the premiere of Me and the Krinkles would be performed that night. Adding to my excitement and the size of my already swollen head was this sign: 

…which did alternate with a sign welcoming one of my breakfast mates:









I talked to several high school classes about my writing process, always a treat for me. I learned that in one of the English classes, students were writing children’s books and that almost half of the student body is Native American. One group was a drama class, with the playwrights Ashley and Eva in attendance. It was fun to share some aspects they’d never heard before about the evolution of Me and the Weirdos, my book they based their musical on.

Why am I showing a slide of myself in kindergarten? Because, I tell the students, “I always liked to write.”










Here I’m encouraging students to read aloud or have someone read their work to them when they revise..














Al and I had a short rest back at our motel and an early dinner at a great little restaurant in town called Patio. In my head I kept revising and memorizing and re-writing the remarks I would give that night before the premiere. Sorry, Al, I know I was not a good conversationalist that day. Then back to the high school …

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