Busy Day in Blanding: Part 3

Before the premiere of Me and the Krinkles, the playwrights/directors Ashley Berrett and Eva Perkins asked me to come talk with the middle school cast. The young actors were already in costume and extremely excited to meet the author of the original book.

I received quite the ovation before saying a word! I had planned a presentation, but the kids had so many questions that it turned into a Q&A. Several wanted to know why my book was out of print. Some checked their phones on the spot and said things like, “Whoa! Someone’s selling it on Amazon for $214!” 

When their directors Eva and Ashley gave them permission to line up for autographs, they jumped up from their seats and stood in line.As each approached me, they would tell me what part they would be playing … in about an hour from then! 

I signed many programs, a hand, and a phone case.

These enthusiastic middle school students thanked me for my autograph and for coming to the premiere. Did I mention that they were adorable? They were!

Now we all needed to wait for show time.

2 Responses to “Busy Day in Blanding: Part 3”

  1. Mary

    So exciting for you! I not only read your book to my sixth grades, but shared it with BYU Interns for 19 years, and read it to two classes of second grade. It is a delightful story and rings true with any family. I wish I could have seen the play. I am sure it was awesome. Best wishes for the book’s continued success ❤️
    Mary Smith
    Lehi, Utah

    • AdminJaneSutton

      Thank you for writing, Mary. That is wonderful to hear. Such a lot of students! I hope the play will be produced again because it was terrific.


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