I’m the author of 12 books—8 picture books, 3 middle grade novels, and 1 young adult novel.

I’ve also had work published in kids’ magazines and anthologies.

Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile

Gracie loves when her grandmother comes for a visit, but this time Bubbe is sad. Her husband, Gracie’s grandfather, recently died. Gracie misses Zayde too, so when Bubbe mentions that she used to speak Yiddish with him, Gracie is eager to learn. As Gracie picks up more words, together she and Bubbe gradually find moments of joy and even laughter depicted in bright, evocative illustrations.

Illustrated by Debby Rahmalia
Albert Whitman 2022
ages 4-8

“A tender reminder that family and culture can buoy us after loss.” —Kirkus Reviews


“This empathetic intergenerational story should be read over and over…It tugs on the heart with both love and humor…” —The Sydney Taylor Schmooze

“Touching, reassuring, and joyful…comforts and restores while celebrating family love and generational ties.”
Celebrate Picture Books

“Heartwarming intergenerational story.” —Jewish Books for Kids…and More!

“With its unique Yiddish angle, this picture book is a thoughtful, educational, and accessible read for children processing a loss.” —Goodreads With Ronna

“a sweet story about the warm and loving inter-generational relationship between a young Jewish girl and her grandmother, who bond over Yiddish words.”—Jewish Journal

Me and the Weirdos

Cindy Krinkle feels like the only normal person in her family. When Roger Snooterman tells Cindy her family is weird, she denies it. But then she realizes he’s right! Her mother does cartwheels everywhere, gargles with orange juice, and changed her name to Squirrel. Her father rides to work on a bike with an umbrella while singing opera off-key. Her sister collects can labels and has a sea urchin for a pet. Follow Cindy on her embarrassing but hilarious adventures as she tries to “unweird” her family! Beloved by children and their parents around the world since 1981, this middle grade novel was originally published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin (see below), in paperback by Bantam Books, and in French (Conaissez-vous ma Famille?) by Éditions de L’amitié.

Illustrated by Doreen Buchinski
ages 7-11
New edition of award-winning middle grade novel 2018

Me and the Weirdos (Original version)

Cindy Krinkle has an unusual family. Her father sings opera as he rides a bike that has a built-in umbrella. Her mother always wears red sneakers and gargles with orange juice. Her sister reads the entire dictionary and wears a karate suit to the beach. Cindy has lots of funny adventures trying to “un-weird” her embarrassing family.

Illustrated by Sandy Kossin
Houghton Mifflin 1981
Bantam Skylark Book 1983
Ages 7-11

  • American Library Association-Children’s Book Council Children’s Choice
  • Utah Children’s Book Award
  • Arizona Children’s Book Award Nominee

“Readers called for another book about the weirdos – soon.” —The Reading Teacher

Paulie’s Passover Predicament

Paulie the moos-ician wants his seder to be perfect…but…it’s not. Paulie makes a series of amusing gaffes, like carving a radish into the shape of a horse instead of serving horseradish and getting locked in the basement when he searches for the afikomen. But in the end, the significance of the holiday and warm friendships make for a joyous celebration.

Illustrated by Barbara Vagnozzi
Kar-Ben Publishing 2018
Ages 3-8
Hardcover: 978-1512420968
Paperback: 978-1512420975

“Paulie’s friends can’t help but laugh at his Passover faux pas, but they love him…Paulie’s eagerness to get Passover perfect remains endearing, and Vagnozzi’s toylike, apple-cheeked animal cast exudes high spirits and open hearts.” —Publishers Weekly

“Jane Sutton’s playful story, enhanced by Barbara Vagnozzi’s brightly colored illustrations, captures the excitement of celebrating Passover with a tender touch that reinforces the importance of being kind to friends.” —

“…Searching for the afikomen adds drama and meaning to the evening celebration and makes it a happy Passover for the friends.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A cheerful addition to the Passover library, this book centers on the idea of friendship and acceptance while also explaining most of the holiday’s symbols and rituals.” —Jewish Book Council

“A fun and meaningful introduction to Passover for children and adults of all faiths…delightful addition to home and classroom bookshelves for any time of year.” —Celebrate Picture Books

“Paulie has a Passover Predicament. And thanks to this book, you have a last-minute host gift! Looking for a host or hostess gift this weekend? Attending a seder with children? Grab a copy of “Paulie’s Passover Predicament,” and hopefully your evening will go better than his.” —Jewish Boston

What’s Up with This Chicken?

Backyard chickens usually give families nice, fresh eggs, but not Trudy. She refuses to get off her eggs and even pecks Sylvia and Grandma when they try to reach under her! But why? When the resourceful Sylvia discovers the answer, she gains new respect for “broody” Trudy and comes up with an “egg-cellent solution.”

Illustrated by Peter J. Welling
Pelican Publishing 2015
Ages 5-8

“…a wonderful story filled with interesting information about chickens…told in Sutton’s signature style: believable characters, magnificent humor and plenty of word play.” —Literature Connects

“…a wonderful read-aloud for younger kids’ story times and a fun romp that will keep older, independent readers guessing and wondering how it all comes out right up to the end.” —Celebrate Picture Books

Esther's Hanukkah Disaster

It’s hard to pick the perfect Hanukkah gift, and Esther the Gorilla’s choices turn out hilariously wrong. A jogging suit for a turtle?! An elephant joke book for an elephant?! But everything gets sorted out when Esther invites her friends to a joyful Hanukkah party.

Illustrated by Andy Rowland
Kar-Ben Publishing 2013
Ages 3-8
available as ebook in English
9788880575672 (Italian version)

“…adorable and brightly illustrated Hanukkah story…Esther’s innocent mistakes and her ingenious solution will prompt laughter.” —Publishers Weekly 

“…this book might be just the thing after seven nights of the usual Hanukkah fare.”—School Library Journal

“Vivid mixed-media illustrations filled with amusing details…accompany this silly and engaging story.”
The Horn Book

“Esther’s innocent gaffes and clever solution make for a great read.” —Jewish Journal

“There is humor throughout as each choice is made.” —Jewish Book World

Samantha’s (or Other Name of Recipient’s) Magical Hanukkah

When you order this personalized book, you choose the recipient’s name, gender, skin color, eye color, hair color and hair style, eyeglasses or not, plus the giver’s name to create a unique gift. In the colorfully illustrated rhyming story, the child receives a surprise gift of magical powers that let them fly, grow, shrink, and gain super-strength to help them prepare for a fun Hanukkah celebration.

Don’t Call Me Sidney

Sidney the pig wants to write poems. When he changes his name because Sidney doesn’t rhyme with anything except “kidney,” a lot of funny things happen.

“This fun story about the importance of a name stars Sidney, a slightly goofy pig who has a way with words…Sidney’s creative solution, which he comes up with himself, demonstrates effective problem solving without making the story overly didactic.” —Booklist

“This amusing story about a poetic pig’s search for his true identity is accompanied by humorous acrylic and pencil collage illustrations…Children who wonder what life would be like if they were given a different name will identify with Sidney.” —School Library Journal

“…Sutton’s story will appeal to young poets and listeners who are searching for their own individuality.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Trouble With Cauliflower

Mortimer, a koala bear, thinks that eating cauliflower gives him bad luck. His friend, Sadie, an ostrich, tries to teach him that you create your own luck, with funny results.

Illustrated by Jim Harris
Dial Books 2006
Ages 3-7

  • New Hampshire Ladybug Picture Book Award Nominee
  • Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominee

“A delightful tale about the mysterious relationship between food and fortune…”— Kirkus Reviews

“Children will chuckle over Mortimer’s folly, even as they recognize familiar anxieties…” —Booklist

“This gentle story is told with humor and creativity, and the watercolor-and-pencil cartoon illustrations extend the charming text. Kids will be taken with this title.” —School Library Journal

What Should a Hippo Wear?

When Bertha the Hippo is invited to the jungle dance, she has trouble finding a dress that fits. She finds a way to get dressed up, even wearing grass eyelashes glued on with mud, but she ends up learning that it’s better to be herself.

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Houghton Mifflin 1979
Ages 3-7

“…light-hearted takeoff on the “what should I wear?” dilemma is expanded by perky drawings…”— Booklist

Confessions of an Orange Octopus

When nine-year old Chooch is stuck in his room after being grounded by his parents, he learns to juggle. Now he wants to perform on street corners to earn money. The problem is that his parents are dead set against the idea, so a compromise needs to be found.

Illustrated by Jim Spence
Dutton 1983
ages 8-12

Also published in French as Le Gang des Railleurs

“…there’s a clean healthy quality to the whole that gives it a refreshing appeal.” —School Library Journal

Not Even Mrs. Mazursky

Fourth grader Stella wishes she had her favorite teacher, Mrs. Mazursky, again this year. Instead, she has mean Mrs. Rashoon, plus some best-friend problems.

Illustrated by Joan Drescher
Dutton 1984
ages 7-10

“In this funny, slice-of-life story, Stella learns that no one is perfect – not even a teacher she has long admired.” —Booklist

Definitely Not Sexy

Diana Pushkin is smart but would rather be one of the “Sexies.” Alas, she and her friends consider themselves “definitely not sexy.” And Diana resolves to do something about this.

Little, Brown 1988
Bantam Starfire Paperback 1990
Ages 12 and up

American Library Association Pick for Reluctant Readers

“Diana’s situation is likely to be familiar to many readers, and the account of her efforts to change her image has the potential to arouse both humor and compassion.” —Publisher’s Weekly

An Assortment of Animals: A Children’s Poetry Anthology

Showcases an assortment of unusual animals and an assortment of poetry and art. My poem, illustrated by Doreen Buchinski, is about the Supreme Blue-Crowned Mot-mot, a bird that lives up to its name.

Writers’ Loft 2018

Firsts (Anthology)

Essays, stories, and poems about all kinds of “firsts.” My essay is about the unforgettable time I met Diana Ross when I was a star-struck teen-ager.

Writers’ Loft 2016

Friends and Anemones: Ocean Poems for Children

All kinds of wonderful poems, about all kinds of ocean creatures, with all kinds of eye-catching art. My poem, about a bird called the Red Knot that migrates thousands of miles is brought to life by the stunning artwork of Doreen Buchinski.