I’m Excited to Report That…

…I signed a contract for my next book!


The title is still a secret. Shhhh…                                                                                             






But I can say that it’s a picture book and…
…it will be published in the fall of 2022! Which really isn’t that far off!



Another Recommendation: Board Book and a Half

Yes, today I’m recommending a board book and a half. What I mean is that it’s huuuuuge, in size and what it covers! Caution! Road Signs Ahead by prolific, award-winning author Toni Buzzeo has realistically shaped pages of 35 signs that the littlest readers can touch and explore. For slightly older readers, the explanations of what the signs mean are easy to understand.

As soon as I learned about this new book, I ordered a copy for my oldest grandchild. Then, when I read it, I bought one for a younger grandchild. And then, I ordered another for a young grandniece. Just because I know they’ll all love it!

My husband and me with our first 2 copies







Readathon Fun

Asked to be a Guest Author for Red Hill Elementary School’s Readathon (Santa Ana, California), I responded with an enthusiastic Yes! And thanks to technology, from 3,000 miles away, I was able to share screen shots as I read my picture book THE TROUBLE WITH CAULIFLOWER and then read the first chapter of my middle grade novel ME AND THE WEIRDOS.

I had fun voicing the characters, and afterwards the students—who apparently enjoyed listening!—got to ask questions and make comments. Two of my favorites were:

“What was your main purpose for writing this Book?”
“You’re a very good author.”

Introducing the story of Mortimer the koala bear, who’s convinced that eating cauliflower brings him bad luck the next day

My turn to listen to my charming listeners’ comments


Two Wonderful New Books (by Authors Who Are Not Me)

I just have to give shout-outs to two fabulous new picture books!

The Leaf Detective: How Margaret Lowman Uncovered Secrets in the Rainforest is a picture book biography about an innovative, never-give-up scientist who studies and makes fascinating discoveries high up in the rain forest canopy. Her challenges, creative solutions, and passion to save the rain forest will engage readers of all ages. The text by author Heather Lang manages to be factual and lyrical at the same time. And the illustrations, by Jana Christy, are breathtaking.

The Animals Would Not Sleep! is a picture book about a little boy facing bedtime with a bunch of unruly animals. Author Sara Levine cleverly models sorting techniques (an important mathematical concept) for young readers, while at the same time offering a sweet, entertaining story. The illustrations, by Marta Alvarez Miguen, are charming. This book is already a hit with my grandchildren!

Winter Visitors

Since my husband and I are spending more time at home than usual this winter, thanks to a certain virus, it’s a special joy to spot wildlife we don’t normally see, right out our window. Here are 2 recent yard guests that visited at a safe social distance.

We usually get downy woodpeckers, but this striking red-bellied fellow has been a “frequent flyer” (haha)


When he eats his lunch while we eat ours, it’s the closest we come to hosting a dining companion these days.

And then this furry creature came along. Thanks for stopping by!

Poetry in Ocean

I really lucked out when my poem in the new Writers’ Loft anthology Friends and Anemones (see previous post) was brought to life by the talented illustrator and writer Doreen Buchinski.  My poem is about beautiful, energetic birds, Red Knots, that migrate record-breaking distances each year and rely on horseshoe crab eggs for sustenance.

Doreen and Charlotte Sheer have poems on the same spread. See for yourself how they all came together: 

Fabulous New Poetry Anthology

I’m honored to have a poem in a gorgeously illustrated anthology cleverly entitled Friends & Anemones: Ocean Poems For Children. 

Published by the Writers’ Loft, it features lyrical, informative, and humorous poems by over 60 poets, including Jane Yolen, Peter Reynolds, and Josh Funk. There will be a virtual book launch this Sunday, November 15th with sneak peaks and readings.

How to buy a copy:


The first month’s profits will go to the Rozalia Project, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting oceans. I’m honored to be part of this!

Guest on Instagram Talk Show

This Thursday September 17th at 7 PM, I’ll be a guest on the Instagram show Funk & Friends, hosted by my former student, wonderful children’s book author, and friend, Josh Funk.

You can catch it live or anytime afterwards by searching on Instagram for @joshfunkbooks
Not on Instagram? Josh will be posting the episode at a later date on YouTube.

I promise everyone that I will try not to be too boring, and I promised my children that I will try not to be overly embarrassing.