I Love Answering Questions!

Yes, I do!

And with the publication of Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile, I’ve had a chance to answer lots of questions for blog interviews. Recently I enjoyed answering the thought-provoking questions posed by Barbara Bietz for the blog Jewish Books For Kids…and More!

When the interview was published, I was pleased to read Barbara’s description of my book as a “heartwarming intergenerational story.”

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

“In her age-appropriate way, Gracie helps Bubbe heal after the loss of her husband. What do you hope young readers take away from Gracie’s story?

 In reading about an adult and child both missing a loved one, I hope young readers will see that it’s important to acknowledge feelings of loss. And when Gracie helps Bubbe gradually emerge from her grief as she teaches Gracie Yiddish words, I hope readers will see that it’s possible to experience joy and even laughter again, through love and sharing of culture.”

Sometimes I answer questions in person. I look happy to answer, right?

And sometimes I answer questions through emails. I look more serious, but I was happy to answer!


Yesterday my new picture book Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile (Albert Whitman 2022) was launched at my local bookstore, Maxima Book Center in Lexington, MA.

3, 2, 1…Launch! And ready to answer the first question—from my grandson!

I was so pleased to share Gracie and Bubbe’s story with about 40 attendees and to sign so many copies that the store sold out!

Two of My Books for Sale

In my intro, I explained that the book was inspired by my love for my grandparents, my grandchildren, and the language of Yiddish. I gave a mini Yiddish lesson with audience participation and plenty of gratifying giggles.

Teaching some colorful Yiddish expressions

Sharing a funny anecdote

As I read the book, author and friend Heather Lang held it up so everyone could see the vibrant illustrations by Debby Rahmalia. Several people teared up at the tender ending.

Author Heather Lang holds up the book as I read.

Thank you to everyone who came to the launch and to Maxima Books for hosting it!

Fun Interview

On the aptly named website Destination Mirth, journalist Nina Livingstone interviews people in a feature called “Nina’s Nine.”

Recently, I was tickled to be included and to get the chance to answer Nina’s fun questions. Some of my responses are serious, and some are pretty funny (if I do say so myself). Here’s the full interview.

And here’s an excerpt:

NINA: If you could invite four celebrities, (actors, historic figures, astronauts etc.) for dinner, who would they be and what would you serve?

JANE: Mick Jagger, Bono, Susie Essman, and Stephen Colbert. Well, I’d be too star-struck to eat anything. But now I’m nervous! What should I serve?



Kathy Carroll’s terrific blog Celebrate Picture Books recently featured my new book GRACIE BRINGS BACK BUBBE’S SMILE..

I was gratified to read the summary of the book—it sounded so good I think I’ll read it, oh! I wrote it! And pleased as punch (is punch really pleased?) to read the glowing review. Here’s the concluding paragraph:

“Touching, reassuring, and joyful, Gracie Brings Back Bubbe’s Smile comforts and restores while celebrating family love and generational ties. The book would be a meaningful addition to home bookshelves for all families and one school and public librarians will want in their picture book or family issues collection.”

Rock the Lot

Last week Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, MA hosted a kids’ event called Rock the Lot, and it did! With music, crafts, food, and readings by local authors (including the person writing this post), it was definitely a hit. And the end-of-September weather was gorgeous!

Authors Heather Lang, Maya Tatsukawa, me, and Josh Funk

At the signing table with author pal Josh Funk

Wonderful independent bookstore Maxima Book Center handled book sales.

My Interrupting Chicken Puppet “helped” me read WHAT’S UP WITH THIS CHICKEN?

My granddaughter was impressed that Grammy got a special parking spot.

Independent Bookstore Day 2022!

Wearing a face mask adorned with an orange beak, I had fun reading WHAT’S UP WITH WITH THIS CHICKEN? at Maxima Book Center in Lexington, MA, on Independent Bookstore Day. My cheeky chicken puppet introduced me and asked attendees to chime in during the reading, which they did with heartwarming enthusiasm.

The best part was having my cuties there!

Thank YOU, Brian, owner of Maxima Book Center owner!