Back to Utah…

My posts about Utah were rudely interrupted by some woman, oh, it was me! Now I’m back on the case. When I left off, I was considering whether or not to attend the premiere of the musical based on my middle grade novel published in 1981, Me and the Weirdos. My husband, Al, and I were weighing the hassle of traveling during January from Boston to to Salt Lake City, then driving five and a half hours to Blanding — against our desire to see the musical and meet the young playwrights I had been corresponding with.

In the end, our curiosity and spirit of adventure won out, and we’re so glad it did!

Before heading for southeastern Utah, where the play would be produced, we decided to spend a few days in Salt Lake City, a fascinating city we had never visited. Some sites of particular interest—

Al and I like to check out State Houses when we travel, and Utah’s was gorgeous!

The State House was stunning inside and out.



Another shot of the State House

Here’s the Family Research Library, where volunteers help you start finding out more about your ancestors. We saw census reports about our grandparents, including what they paid for rent! And we learned the extact dates they arrived in the US.

Wonderful natural history museum, complete with roof top view of mountains.

Magical night time view of Temple Square from our Airbnb

Stunning public library! Last stop before heading for one of our favorite national parks…

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