Doubling An Author’s Joy

Letters from readers are always a joy, but when they’re accompanied by artwork depicting scenes of one of my books, the joy is doubled. I suppose one could say they reflect compound interest! But I’m digressing, as I play with budgetary puns… Recently, a teacher sent me a packet of illustrated letters from her students, who… Read more »

New Agency

I’m very pleased to report that I am now being represented by the KirchoffWohlberg Literary Agency. I’ve had terrific conversations with my agent, Ron Zollshan, and am looking forward to our collaboration. Below is the write-up about moi on the agency website: JANE SUTTON Jane Sutton is the author of 7 picture books, 3 middle grade novels,… Read more »

Dedication # 10

Book # 10 is a rhyming personalized picture book for Hanukkah by Hallmark in which the purchaser chooses the recipient’s name, gender, hair style, hair color, skin color and eye color. Hence, the dedicatee is always different. I ordered one for my then 101 year old dad, Milton, whose hairstyle was “none.” He was tickled by… Read more »

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Best wishes for 2020 – here’s to happiness, health, and harmony for all earth’s inhabitants, including you! Below are 3 inhabitants of this planet who bring their Grammy oodles of joy.

Happy NOLA Surprise

I did not expect to find my Passover book with a moose protagonist in New Orleans. But the public library system has 7 copies of Paulie’s Passover Predicament! Two copies of Don’t Call Me Sidney, too! Laissez les bon temps roullez!

Dedication # 9

Deciding on the dedication for my ninth book was easy-peasy. After all, What’s Up with This Chicken? was inspired by my friend Fay and her backyard chickens. As soon as she told me about a hen who refused to get off her eggs, I knew I had the plot of my next picture book.          … Read more »

Dedication # 8

I continued my string of picture books with Esther’s Hanukkah Disaster, the story of a purple gorilla who shops for Hanukkah presents at the last minute and ends up buying her animal friends inappropriate gifts designed to make young readers giggle. Think jogging suit for a turtle. When I brought up the subject of dedicating the… Read more »

Welcome, Trick-or-Treaters!

Years ago I would use a pumpkin for the head of my Welcome, Trick or Treaters! character. But two years in a row, squirrels gnawed on the pumpkin, transforming the figure from friendly to downright gruesome. Now a red playground ball with a smiling Sharpie face serves as the benevolent, inedible head. Here’s this year’s creation:  … Read more »

Dedication # 7

In my picture book Don’t Call Me Sidney, a pig who aspires to be a poet can’t find a rhyme for his name, except “kidney,” and changes his name to Joe. But the absent-minded Sidney keeps forgetting that he’s now Joe, and his friends and his mother, who named him after his great great great… Read more »

Dedication # 6

My sixth book The Trouble With Cauliflower is about a koala bear who’s convinced that eating this particular vegetable, whose taste he happens to like, gives him bad luck the next day. It’s a fun depiction of self-fulfilling prophesy, gorgeously illustrated by Jim Harris. Before this, most of my books had been novels, so Cauliflower was my first… Read more »