You Know Those Stickers on Fruit?

Sure, you know them. They have numbers and come in different shapes and colors, and you have to peel them off or get an unpleasant surprise with your bite of pear. One morning many years ago I was packing school lunches…As I peeled stickers off apples and pasted them  on a paper towel to be… Read more »

Reading Aloud…With Feeling!

Our president keeps getting grayer and older-looking, but seeing him make monster faces as he reads Where the Wild Things Are never gets old:

Signs Definitely Point to Spring!

After the longest winter evah!!! there are encouraging signs of spring (of course, tomorrow’s April 16th forecast is for highs in the 40s, but still…). Over the last few days in our backyard we’ve seen goldfinches, a rabbit, a baby snapping turtle, a toad, and this determined, repeatedly puffing up and displaying-his-tail-feathers male turkey trailing… Read more »

Why Keith, Why?

Celebrity authors are able to cut the line to the editor’s office right past writers like moi, legends only in our own minds. With sad, envious eyes, we watch them bypass the slush pile and wish they’d stick to their own vanquished fields. I’m talking ’bout Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Lithgow, Billy Crystal…et tu,… Read more »

Things Kids Say

Last Sunday morning, allegedly spring, was raw and rainy. I wondered if people would rather stay home than venture out to the Open House at the North Suburban Jewish Community Center in Peabody, where I was doing a program. But venture out they did: lots of friendly families with adorable pre-schoolers, who created a warm… Read more »

Back in Peabody!

I’m looking forward to this Sunday (March 30), when I’ll be reading my picture book Don’t Call Me Sidney and playing rhyming games at the North Suburban Jewish Community Center in Peabody. It’s an Open House–with balloon animals (made by a professional, not moi). I’ll be reading at 10:15 AM. Here’s an article about the… Read more »

Book Blast Aptly Named

On Saturday, March 15, I was the “celebrity author” at Book Blast in the Northshore Mall, Peabody, Massachusetts. It was a fun, well-attended event that promoted literacy. I read two of my picture books, played games with the adorable listeners, and answered questions about writing from people of all ages. A blast indeed! Kudos to… Read more »

Young Authors and Illustrators!

Last week, I had the pleasure of reading my picture book The Trouble With Cauliflower and sharing my writing process with the kindergarteners and first graders at North Grafton Elementary School. When I asked the audience if any of them were authors and illustrators, I was thrilled by the response: a sea of hands! Clearly,… Read more »

Looking Forward to Saturday’s Book Blast!

  I’m looking forward to sharing 3 of my picture books, answering questions about writing books and playing games with kids at the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA on March 15th from 11AM-1 PM!   Book Blast should be a blast!

There has to be a children’s book set here!

The amazing Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, China would be such a great setting for a children’s book! Please, someone, think of a plot before it all melts! Check out these photos!!