About Me

My Life

I used to be a child. I know that’s not unusual. But I wanted to stay a child. I figured it was a good deal: I got free food and I didn’t have to go to work.

I grew up (sort of) in Roslyn, Long Island, about 25 miles from New York City, where I was born. In high school, I was elected class comedienne.

My Family

My husband, Alan Ticotsky, and I have been married for 45 years. We met in college. Al is a science and math educator. He teaches students and teachers, and he writes books too—about how to teach science and system dynamics. Click here and here to see Alan’s books.

My daughter, Becky, is a college counselor in a high school and lives outside of Boston with her husband, Dan, a software developer and chorus director, and their charming little daughter.  My son, Charlie, works as a town administrator and lives in a Boston suburb with his wife, Amberly, a nurse…and their amazingly wonderful son and daughter (Yes, I have 3 grandchildren!)

My Home
I live in Lexington, Massachusetts, not far from Boston. My house has a big collection of my favorite animals – elephants. I don’t have any real ones (at least not yet), but I do have elephants made of clay, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, rock, and glass. I have elephant paintings, vases, mugs, place mats, wind-up toys, watering cans, and even an elephant pen.

My yard has a stream. Rabbits, foxes, raccoons, wild turkeys, muskrats, and woodchucks visit us. Every spring, a pair of mallard ducks swims in the stream and waddles around in our yard.

Becoming a Writer
I liked to write as soon as I learned the alphabet. I loved school assignments like “Write a Story Using All the Spelling Words.” In high school I was an editor of the school paper. Later, I had jobs as a newspaper reporter, an advertising writer, and a creative writing teacher. Besides writing books, I have written stories for children’s magazines. Now I teach a community education class about writing for kids. As a writing tutor, I help students from elementary school through college write clearly.

What I Like to Do
I like to laugh, ride my bike, watch the Red Sox play baseball, do crossword puzzles, travel, and dance and sing along to rock music. Oh, and I love to write and to talk to groups of all ages about writing.

Jane Sutton and her husband on a bike trip in Maine.

My husband and me on a bike trip in Maine.